Marta de la Fuente Soler




All the rest is just fiction.

My debut as a writer/director in the short film “This could change your life”.

Also my first work as editor, producer and lead female role on the screen.

Check out the original SOUNDTRACK of the film.

A little pop… A little jazz…

“Another Sunny Day” song by Belle&Sebastian
was reinterpreted by some very talented musicians,
and also by myself in charge of the voice and harmonies.
Thanks to:
Martin Donohoe
Patrick Quirke
Bob Stocker
The very talented Spanish jazz musician Antonio González honoured the production of “This could change your life” with a sax solo conceived just for the film.

Which brings me to my latest PHOTO BOOK: “Jazz meets Hippie.”

That could be a great description of my range. As an actor, as a creator… even as a human being.

(Gee, that was intense.)

Here are some samples of my writing: A BOOK published in Spanish under pseudonym, front cover pieces and articles written for RISBEL magazine, and of course… a couple of my SCRIPTS.

… My new showreel is in progress.


Production work is other area in which I have developed my career. Some of the titles I have been involved in are:

These are some of the Awards & Nominations I’ve gathered with my work.

Last but definitely not least, some quotes from PHENOMENAL PROFESSIONALS I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

“Marta’s organisation and administration was on point and the crew and I had lots of fun working with her. Very capable of reaching her goals, she is determined in advocating, producing and creating the highest achievable levels. Her friendly and happy ways always bring people to smile and add to their best desired work effort.”

Alice Stoll – Gaffer

“I worked with Marta in a couple of productions, a feature film and a music video, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with her. She is honest, dependable, creative, and an incredibly hard-working filmmaker. Working with her was a great professional experience.”

Ursula Jurzyna – Production Manager